Earth’s Survivors Apocalypse

ARIZONA The country had been turning more arid as they drove, the river was an oasis. Off to the north giant plumes of smoke blanketed the sky, seeming to spread across the entire length of the horizon. They had both wondered what it might be. Lana had checked the map and she though it could […]

Earth’s Survivors World Order

Last night we routed out three hundred of the dead… Burned them in a pit, lost 3 of our own, Conner. #Dystopian Apple: Amazon: Nook:

Earth’s Survivors Watertown

This is a small town. We have killed most of the dead, but they still attack us from the surrounding communities… Apple: Amazon: Nook:

Earth’s Survivors Plague

 Bear and the others left on a mission, but we are searching out the dead here and killing them, join us, The Nation Apple: Amazon: Nook:

Earth’s Survivors Home in the Valley

 We have heard that the dead are overrunning the cities. Help us. We search out and kill them by day… Katie Apple: Amazon: Nook:

Earth’s Survivors The Nation

We built The Nation as a place of safety from the dead. Seek us in the day, hide in the night, avoid the dead… Apple: Amazon: Nook:

Earth’s Survivors Rising from the ashes

 We have lost three to bites from the dead this week… Reach us on channel nine, fight! Kate, The Nation #Dystopian Apple: Amazon: Nook:

Earth’s Survivors Apocalypse

Reaching out to the surrounding communities! We are organizing search parties by day to ferret out the dead… Apple: Amazon: Kobo: Nook:


The physical me struggled to breath. Fingers clawing, twisting the sheets in fists. I drew another deep breath and my spiritual self ceased to exist. I slammed into my body, and the panic, fear, sweat, smells, light all flooded into me #SciFi

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The bandage was soaked through with blood so he changed it as he sat in the truck and gathered his strength. America The Dead Book One:

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